Stuck on your resume? Take a look at a few of our prompts.

  • What experience, skills, aptitudes, or traits do you have, or think you might have, that could be of some use to some employer?
  • What skills have you developed, at least to some degree, that you have never used at work?
  • Do others, at work or elsewhere, come to you for any particular kind of help? What kind?

Responsibilities and Activities

  • How many people did you supervise? Orient? Hire? Train?
  • How large a budget did you manage?
  • To whom did you report?

Achievements and Accomplishments

  • How much reduction in costs or increase in profits did you contribute to?
  • What did you do?
  • Did you add any smoothness, quality, or economy of operation that noticeably improved the way things were before you assumed responsibility?

Awards and Recognition

  • Were you praised, recognized, or given a pat on the back for anything a particular assignment, a method of working, a trait of character? How? By whom?
  • Were you promoted ahead of schedule?
  • Selected for any special responsibilities or programs?

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