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  • Can You Attract Top Talent Without Top Dollars? March 2, 2016Absolutely. This is a much talked about topic. Many of you have probably already heard stories about companies that use innovative benefits to attract staff. In Silicon Valley, some companies have gone as far as to allow employees to bring their pets to work.
  • Employer Hot Buttons – Focus on the Needs of the Decision Maker March 2, 2016All too often the job seeker is focused on what he or she is looking for in a job (i.e. income, benefits, location, function, responsibilities, title, stature, drive time, industry, and corporate culture). On the other hand, hiring executives have an entirely different set of standards for what they are seeking in candidates.
  • Make your Small Company Culture a Stand Out to Job Candidates March 2, 2016Does size matter? When it comes to recruiting, a small company can actually be a big advantage. Use these recommendations to inform your recruitment process and attract A-players using your small-company culture.
  • 10 Questions the Boss Should Ask Every Employee March 2, 2016You may feel that two short interviews and a three page resume are not sufficient for you to make an important hiring decision. Perhaps you should consider the kinds of questions you are asking the candidate in your interviews. Behavioral interviewing is a very good technique to help you identify the right person.

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