Our Fee Structure

Our fee agreement is a one-paged agreement. No complex contracts or weird working. We want the process to be as straight-forward as possible. We have four fee structures: 

Fully Retained

This is our highest level of service and warrants a dedicated search team. A portion of the fee is paid up front. We dedicate a search team to your specific project. Any candidates identified are to be available only to you, our client.

Shared Risk

This option works well when you have numerous needs, or you have a critical search that needs to take place without the risk associated with a fully retained search. Under this arrangement, a prioritized search team is assigned to your project.


These searches are conducted on a time and staff availability basis and are designed for clients looking for an option with no up front cost. This works well when a dedicated search is not required and time to hire is not as critical.

Staffing and Other Services

We offer contract staffing services, back office payroll services, International job posting and resume / candidate sourcing, reference and background checking, name gathering, onsite campus recruiting and many other options.

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