The company: An interviewer has just one objective–to decide whether or not to make you a job offer. While the interviewer will examine your work history and educational background, your strengths and accomplishments will also be important criterion. He or she is also interested in evaluating your level of motivation, values, attitude and personality. In other words, to find out if you are the right person for the job, what your potential is for promotion and whether or not you will fit into the company environment.

  • Will you fit in?
  • Can you technically handle the job?
  • Will you be able to be promoted in the future?
  • Can you make an impact to the bottom line?
  • Will you be able to grow in the company?

The Candidate:

How will you get offered the job you are interviewing for? This is the most important question to consider prior to beginning the interview process. The answer is: Find out what your interviewers want, and then show them how you can help them get it.
Your mindset during the interview process should be to obtain an offer so at the end of the day you have THE OPPORTUNITY to make an informed decision about working for the company. Without the OFFER, there is NO opportunity.
There are three important things to remember about every interview:

  • The person with the best interview gets the job (the person that shows the employer that they can meet the need.)
  • Some studies indicate that for most jobs 75% of a given hire has more to do with the chemistry of the people involved than hard technical qualifications.
  • Ask good questions during each interview to help you make a decision about working for the company.

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